Family Circus comes to town April 7th

3回目世界中のサーカスの日!Awa Community Circus is celebrating the 3rd annual international Social Circus Day on

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SURPRISE! Pop-Up Circus Class on Tuesday 7/26


Mentioned on

In part of a longer article about the recent Awa Money Matsuri, our circus got a mention and some photographs. Find out about

Organized Fun

Circus uses a lot of props and gear. It comes in a range of shapes, sizes, and weights. Even our little start up has 60 juggli


(English follows) サーカスのスキルを学び、パフォーマンスを作ります 8月1日ー5日、5歳−

Clowning Around in Class

Weekly Wednesday circus classes in July focus on clowning theatrics and hula hooping.  In our first session, we got busy draw

Thank you, Inari

After a seven-week residency, Inari heads off to adventures in the rest of Japan before returning to Finland. Thanks for teach

One Day Workshop

Inari, and Tink lead a full day workshop featuring classes in juggling, tumbling, pyramids, and hula hooping on Sunday, July

Kamogawa Hula Festival

June 5th, Tink performed at the Kamogawa Hula Festival along with Awa Belly Dance. Their collaborative number ended the show